Student Survey 2021 Directions

Student Survey 2021 Directions

The 2021 Student Survey will be available April 1 - May 15, 2021.

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2021 NAF Student Survey is now OPEN until May 15th. Students simply need to login to the NAFTrack platform ( and they will see an announcement for the survey - as seen below.

This survey is available to all students in your academy, and there will be some unique questions for the class of 2021. We greatly appreciate your support in having as many of your students complete this 15-minute survey, as it helps NAF gather valuable student insight on how our services are received and what could be improved. Did we forget to mention, the survey is mobile friendly! Students can take the survey on their phones after they login to NAFTrack on their preferred device.

All seniors that complete the student survey will automatically have their data populate the graduation profile in ASH, meaning less data upload for teachers and academy directors in the Fall of 2021! We are also giving out forty $25 dollar Amazon gift cards to students who complete the survey and teachers who prompt their students to take the survey are entered to win one of five $200 Amazon gift cards!

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