NAFTrack Certification Overview

NAFTrack Certification Overview


NAFTrack Certification is achieved through an online system created by education and business leaders to assess college and career readiness. Student performance is measured not only through end-of-course exams but also through culminating projects and internships. 

NAF uses a multi-method approach to assess students on a broad range of college and career readiness skills, which result in the following benefits: 

  • Pre-interview and resume support 
  • Guaranteed interviews in equally qualified applicant pools
  • Potentially expedited advancement in the hiring process 
  • Priority hiring among equally qualified applicant pools 
  • Potential for higher starting salaries 
  • Applicant feedback and coaching post interview 
  • Paid high school and college internship opportunities
  • Support to ensure more NAFTrack certified graduates attend the postsecondary institutions where NAFTrack partners recruit
NAF prides itself on a flexible educational design from which all schools can benefit - regardless of district, city, or state. It is vital that NAFTrack Certification also demonstrates a degree of flexibility so that more students have access to the NAFTrack benefits and are ready to fill our nation’s workforce pipeline with highly skilled and diverse talent. Schools with NAF academies can get their students on track to becoming NAFTrack certified by using the NAF curriculum, adopted third-party curriculum, as well as other NAF-approved coursework. 

Upon successful completion of NAFTrack Certification, students are eligible for NAFTrack Certified Hiring!

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