NAF Privacy Policy At-A-Glance Summary

NAF Privacy Policy At-A-Glance Summary

At-A-Glance Summary – NAF Web-based Services

Information Collected
Information Use
Information Sharing
NAFTrack is an online system created by education and business leaders to assess college and career readiness. NAF uses a multi-method approach to assess students on a broad range of skills. 

Student performance is measured through career- related coursework, a qualifying internship, and high school graduation. 
Demographics plus information
relating to your performance as a
student, including:
- Course enrollment,
completion, and
- Internship enrollment,
completion, performance,
and assessment results
- Graduation status
- College and career readiness
as measured by NAFTrack
To evaluate your
performance as a student
with regard to academic
proficiency, project
execution, and internship
- Your teachers
- Other school
- Internship
- NAF staff
Academy Support Hub
ASH is an online platform
for active NAF Network
schools (or members) to
record, access, and assess
NAF Academy development
and operations. This
platform also provides
schools with access to NAF
academy data (including
contact information) and
For NAF Academy students,
demographics plus information
relating to:
- Work-based learning
- Post-graduation information

For school employees,
information such as:
- Contact information
- Employer
- Job title
For NAF Academy
students, to assess and
record NAF Academy
quality or student learning
milestones, like

For school employees, to
help facilitate NAF
Academy operations.
For NAF Academy
students, by your
teachers, other school
administrators, and NAF

For school employees, by
your employer and NAF.
NAF Special Pilots
NAF explores new and
enhanced services through a
pilot process. Pilot programs
may include Learning
Management Systems, like
Canvas, on which
curriculum, instruction,
assessment, performance
data and resources are
accessed and managed.
Demographics plus information
relating to your performance as a
student, including:
- Course enrollment
- Course completion and
- Assessment results
To evaluate your
performance on course
assignments and
- Teachers
- Other school
- NAF staff

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