View Student Progress Toward NAFTrack Certification

View Student Progress Toward NAFTrack Certification

Student Progress

Roles with Access:  District Lead, School Lead, Academy Lead, Teacher, and Student

Note:  For District Lead, School Lead, Academy Lead, and Teacher access to tracking student progress toward NAFTrack Certification, see View Student Progress Toward NAFTrack Certification.

Students will have the ability to track their progress toward NAFTrack Certification through the student portal at by logging in with their user name and password.

Note:  Students should have already created an account. If a student forgets their password, click "FORGOT PASSWORD" to receive an email to reset the password. The password-reset email will be sent to the address provided at the time of account set-up. See Student Requesting Forgotten Password.

1. Click the "Manage Students" button.

2. Click the Student's Name.

3.   Click "View Student Progress".


The Student Progress Page includes an overall chart showing overall progress toward NAFTrack Certification as well as a breakdown by courses and internships. An overview of the page is provided below

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