Academy Assessment and Data Center for 2020-2021, What’s New?

Academy Assessment and Data Center for 2020-2021, What’s New?


Updates have been made to the following Data Center (DC) pages for 2020-21.

1. Academy Information

·       Career Cluster field added

2. Academy and High School Demographics

·       A third gender option (Gender Nonconforming) is now displayed in reported data on the Academy and School Demographics pages.


3. Teachers and Courses

·       The “Add a Teacher” tab is where academies designate academy teachers active for the current school year. The “View Active Courses” tab is NEW – it displays academy courses in NAFTrack that have students enrolled for the current school year. The Teachers and Courses page no longer collects data on core and career-themed integration.


4. Graduation Profile

·       The Graduation Profile page now automatically populates for seniors who indicate their post-graduation plans on the Student Survey distributed through the NAFTrack platform each spring.


5. Advisory Board

·       The field of “Primary Relationship” is no longer required when adding advisory board members.


6. Partnerships, Initiatives & Certifications

·       The list of options for Partnerships/Initiatives and for Certifications have both been updated. If your academy’s partnerships/initiatives or certifications are not listed, please use the “Other” textbox option.


7. Academy Student List

The Academy Student List page allows high schools with multiple NAF academies to assign academy students to one or more designated NAF academies to ensure accurate academy enrollment. This year an academy has two options to confirm enrollment for students listed in multiple academies:


The following modifications to the academy quality process have been made for 2020-21.


1.    Roll Forward

All academies that earned a level of Member or higher in 2019-20 may opt to Roll Forward and maintain their 2019-20 academy quality level for 2020-21 if they meet the following criteria:

o   Member and Certified academies must complete the Data Center by November 6, 2020 to roll forward.

o   Model and Distinguished academies must complete the Data Center by November 6, 2020 and meet all thresholds except enrollment. A temporary threshold exception applies to incoming grade-level enrollment only for 2020-21 academies rolling forward.




2.    Internship Criteria for NAFTrack Certification

Internship experiences that count toward NAFTrack Certification for 2020-21 include:

·       Internships started before August 1, 2019 that were paid, 120 hours and had a passing internship assessment

·       Internships correctly entered into NAFTrack that had a start date between August 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 regardless of the number of hours, paid status, or internship assessment completion status

·       Internships and temporarily approved Alternative Experience options completed between April 2020 and August 2021 that meet the following requirements:

·       80+ hours (or two 40-hour experiences)

·       Paid, compensated, or volunteer

·       Direct supervision by an accountable adult who is not the student’s teacher

·       Completion of the NAFTrack Internship Assessment by the student’s supervisor (not teacher, parent, or guardian) at the end of the internship or approved alternative experience


1.    Strategic Action Updates

The following strategic actions in the Academy Assessment (AA) have been updated for 2020-21.

·       1.2.a Personalized Environment – NEW strategic action

·       3.1.c Program of Study/Integration – updated strategic action

·       4.2.a & 4.2.b Internship Completion – updated calculation criteria due to COVID-19 modifications

·       4.3.a & 4.3.b Student Career Goals – myNAFTrack strategic actions removed from AA


2.    Thresholds

The thresholds for Model and Model/Distinguished will remain the same as last year, with one exception - A temporary threshold exception applies to incoming grade-level enrollment only for 2020-21 academies that are rolling forward as Model or Distinguished. Thresholds for 2020-21 include:


Strategic Action



1.1.b (Enrollment)

2.1.a (Advisory Board)

3.2.c (NAFTrack Certification)



4.1.b (WBL)

4.2.b (Internships)








Sept 21, 2020

Data Center (DC), Academy Assessment (AA), and Roll Forward open.

Sept 21, 2020

Updated Data-at-a-Glance (DAG) tool available in ASH for academies to track Data Center and NAFTrack data; DC & AA overview webinars posted in ASH.

Nov 6, 2020

Deadline for data entries in the Data Center and NAFTrack for academies intending to Roll Forward. Academies not meeting the deadline forfeit Roll Forward status and must complete the AA.

Dec 4, 2020

Data Center and NAFTrack data deadline for academies NOT Rolling Forward.

Dec 4, 2020

Academy Assessment provisional score deadline. Portfolio Managers begin to contact academies to address inconsistencies in evidence submissions.

Jan 15, 2021

Academy Assessment final score deadline. Academies without a final score will not receive vouchers to NAF Next.

Jan 11 –

Mar 5, 2021

Quality Review visits conducted by NAF staff, distinguished academy leaders, and external consultants.

Mar 31, 2021

Quality Levels released in ASH.




The following resources can be accessed in ASH by 1) navigating to ASH>NAF Educational Design>Continuous Improvement Cycle, or 2) typing the document name into the SEARCH bar in ASH.




Resource Name


Data Center and Academy Assessment FAQ 2020-21

Includes key quality process dates, COVID-19 modifications, and updates to the AA, DC and Roll Forward process for 2020-21.

Data Center Template

Document assists academies in gathering the required data for completing the 2020-21 Data Center.

AA Evidence Checklist 2020-21

Document assists academies in gathering the required evidence for completing the 2020-21 Academy Assessment.

Sample Academy Assessment

A PDF version of the Academy Assessment for 2020-21.

NAF Academy Standards

Updated NAF Academy Standards for 2020-21.

Quality Review Guide 2020-21

Guide that describes the process for participating in an on-site Model visit for 2020-21. (Virtual Visit Guide – coming soon!)

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